How To Negotiate The Raise & Latina Equal Cover With Athena Valentine Lent

How To Negotiate The Raise & Latina Equal Cover With Athena Valentine Lent

Athena Valentine Lent are combat the great combat to bring monetary knowledge to prospects of shade. Then when Athena got a freshman in senior high school, this lady mama died. Instantly, she turned a homeless child on a rocky path. Happily, someone influenced Athena to go to college or university, have an education, and switch her lives about. These days, Athena’s are an application supervisor for a nonprofit enables the lady to greatly help encourage the importance of degree, wages negotiations, and work-related solutions for students throughout the state of Arizona, especially those in low-income neighborhoods. Inside episode, Athena shares how exactly to bargain a raise and just how increasing your earnings is an effective way to create riches.

Co hosted by Acquania Escarne, the number regarding the intent behind Money. And Danielle Desir, the variety from the said Card, Millennial wide range Builder show is where we share the stories of women of shade, developing wealth.

They fallen the Valentina to Valentine whenever she was a student in the army

I do believe a chance that are brown has generated for me personally, really was planning class and obtaining various certificates and obtaining my level. As I would definitely class for unlawful fairness and criminology here, even though I reside in an extremely populated Latino neighborhood, My home is Phoenix, Arizona. There is few people like going Latinas in our unlawful justice classes. And thus should you decide look back to methodical racism, and you look back to all the these plans and processes which are put in place, police usually is not like a truly friendly brown job. So because I happened to be brown, also because I became a woman, I was types of I really don’t want to say like a unicorn. But I form of was, I got an instructor who was a surgeon, or he had been a commander at Phoenix metro.

And he mentioned, “I could enable you to get a career the next day, should you want to become a cop. I really couldn’t do this. And so I was actually offered several fellowships, Fulbright scholarships, a lot of them I type regret maybe not getting. But once more, i do believe everything occurs for an excuse. And I also got some health problems I needed to deal with. So that it was it was close it don’t exercise. But which was an opportunity that I wasn’t fundamentally planning to have actually easily wasn’t a Latina. And sometimes-I mean, i did so posses a high GPA, but as well, i am a lot like, did they provide to travel me personally on and present myself all of this products? Because I was brown? Yeah, cuz they need brown people in greater ed.

Her household didn’t see much about money, budgeting, or bank account

I did have actually an I do need a barrier as well as the obstacle was my personal term. And is I really don’t communicate Spanish. So those will be the two challenges that I deal with regularly, being Brown. And so I have an extremely Caucasian sounding name, its Athena Valentine Lent. My mom is Cent Valentine. And therefore she stated it sounded much more expert. So as an end result, You will find Athena Valentine, and my finally name is Lent. And so I goes and I’ll placed my personal title on group meetings or all that you understand, we’ll have actually telephone calls, we’ll manage different things. And I also’ll appear to possess a professional appointment and so they become confused.

They truly are like, “Where’s Athena? Could you be like, Hi, i am meeting with a Ms. Lent. Like you’re brown? You’re brown girl. We’re right here to meet with an Athena Lent. Oh, its you for real? Oh, okay. There is the microaggressions of “How’d you can get your own identity? But I do need certainly to, you know, end all of them and stay similar, “Hey, you’re not designed to ask people who. Like, that’s really strange for a Latina as called Athena. Exactly how’d you obtain their term Lent? Um, so that’s, that is an extremely strange microaggression. And then one other hurdles, I do not talk Spanish. I really bring type of a love hate thing taking place with it. My grandma moved from Spain, and my personal grandpa is indigenous American. And he was raised on a reservation as well as needed to assimilate.

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