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How to Make Quick Money in one day: Driving With Uber or Lyft

How to Make Quick Money in one day: Driving With Uber or Lyft

  • Cash signup bonuses.
  • Increased cashback rates for several months.
  • Gift card rewards or prepaid visa cards.
  • Travel perks and upgrades.

(earn $200 after spending $500 within 3 months with the Unlimited, Flex, or even get both for double bonuses!) (spend $4,000 in 3 months and earn 100,000 points worth over $1k). Great if you’re making a big purchase soon!

Between opening a new online bank account and signing up for a credit card, you can realistically make a few hundred dollars in just an afternoon of research and work. Just be responsible and pay your bill on time every month!

Once you’ve exhausted your options for making extra money with signup bonuses, you can turn to various side hustle ideas to keep the ball rolling!

The following money-making ideas are also jobs you can start without a significant amount of prepping time, investment, or specific skills.

Uber and Lyft are the 2 largest players in the rideshare economy of apps, and while many drivers choose to use both Uber and Lyft to maximize their income, the 2 platforms remain fiercely competitive with one another.

Now, there is a mix of rideshare lovers and skeptics when it comes to making money by driving, and the profitability of driving with Uber or Lyft varies based on your vehicle, location/traffic, the cost of gas, and frequency of surge pricing.

However, if you consider the immense signup bonuses Uber and Lyft regularly offer new drivers, both platforms can pay off nicely in the short term.

  • Uber: Get $2,000 in free money when you complete 200 rides in X city within 90 days. Note: this is an earnings guarantee, and Uber will not pay new drivers an additional 2,500 dollars free money on top of the money they make from driving…they will simply ensure you make at why not try here least $2,500 within your first 200 rides. This promotion is also not offered in every city.
  • Lyft: Get 500 dollars for free as a bonus after completing 125 rides within 45 days of being approved as a Lyft driver.

Personally, I find the Lyft signup bonus more appealing than the Uber new driver promo, and you could certainly reach your target of 125 rides within a single month if you decided to hustle.

After you receive your bonus, you could choose to continue driving with Uber or Lyft or simply walk away from the side hustle.

However, I would definitely suggest taking a look at existing new driver promos if you are in the need for some quick cash and have an eligible vehicle for either program.

Helping People Move with Dolly

I think it is safe to say that everyone despises the process of moving…but that is why there is also decent money to be made by working as a mover.

Platforms like Dolly help connect people who need assistance with their move and people who are willing to lend an extra hand.

With Dolly, you can either sign up as a ‘Helper’ or a ‘Hand.’ Helpers are required to bring their own pickup truck or box truck, whereas Hands are just there for the extra assistance. Helpers typically earn $30/hour, and Hands earn roughly $15/hour.

Assuming you don’t own a pickup truck or box truck, you can still work with Dolly as a Hand and make some quick cash by helping out with a move!

Completing Tasks for Money with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an established gig platform that allows ‘Taskers’ to make an additional income by completing tasks for people who are willing to pay.

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